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Your living room is, arguably, the most significant room in your entire home. It is usually the focal point from which your design aesthetic emanates, setting the tone for your interior design as well as the entire look and feel of the house.

To support your interior design as well as the feel and functionality of your living room, Jim Farris Cabinet provides custom solutions that help bring your vision to life. From bookcases and library cabinetry to built-in desks, home theaters, crown moldings, millwork, and a range of doors, we have a multitude of options to complete the big picture.

Our experience and commitment to quality go back several decades in Houston. Some of the homes that we have worked on continue to impress with innovative custom features that enhance and beautify the functionality of the space and raise the value of the home over time.

Some of the living room features we specialize in include:

Custom built-in cabinetry

Built-ins are a great way to complete your living room design. Whether you have a book collection to display or an entertainment wall to equip, built-in custom cabinetry can add style and extend storage beautifully. In living rooms with high ceilings, built-in custom shelves can help you make the most of your space, providing a solution to odd angles that you simply can’t get from pre-fabricated shelving. The possibilities are almost endless!

Custom moldings and millwork

Custom moldings and custom crown moldings are a great way to add elegance to your living room. They can be traditionally styled or they can have modern features, such as accommodating recessed lighting. Moldings can help to break up vaulted ceilings and make a room cozier.

Custom ceilings

A custom ceiling adds luxury and interest to your living room, providing a dramatic visual appeal that can truly take your interior design to the next level. From ceiling beams to custom ceiling molding designs, ceiling moldings deliver a virtually endless array of options, shapes, and patterns to match your style. This is an incredibly simple way to change the entire look of your living room, one that will provide interest for generations to come. Why gaze up on a plain ceiling when you can have all the drama and elegance of custom ceiling moldings?

Wide range of materials

Whether your home is designed with a traditional aesthetic or a more modern, contemporary look, we offer a range of materials choices to suit your needs. From the modern look of decorative steel to the classic warmth and timeless durability of quality hardwoods, the sky is truly the limit. We also work with sustainable materials such as bamboo, satisfying your need for green choices throughout your home.

Custom furniture

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the exact furniture to complete a room. If this resonates with you, custom living room furniture may be the answer. It might be because of the size of the room, accessibility needs or any other special requirement you have – just know that if you can’t find what you need on the showroom floor, you do have options.

We leverage modern and contemporary design to deliver the look and practicality that you want and need. Our goal is to complete your vision with pieces that do what you need them to do while delivering that “wow” factor.

Safety and security

If you have a need for a concealed door, safe or vault in your living room, we can help you design something to suit your needs. Concealed doors aren’t always about “secret stuff”, they can help you separate a second apartment, an office, or conceal a room that you don’t want people to have access to. We design beautiful secret doors, adding interest, security, and convenience for any purpose.

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