Jim Farris Cabinets has built multiple projects for me or my firm over the years beginning in 1986. I have never been anything but pleased with his products and services. For example, in 1986 he built my desk which is a 23 foot combination desk and credenza for which even today I receive compliments from clients. He has built numerous other projects for me from bookcases to a home office desk to bathroom cabinets, etc. Jim is literally a genius with wood and materials as well as an incredible problem solver for the most difficult situations. His work is exquisite and never disappoints. I could not recommend him more! The date below is the last date of my utilizing his services. The amount is cumulative over the last 29 years.

- Chuck Cummings

As an architectural firm, we know that the quality of cabinets can make or break a project. We have worked with Jim Farris on several projects. Jim and his team of dedicated career craftsmen create furniture quality millwork with a superb stain or paint finish. Some of our clients ask for a high gloss automotive finish and we know Jim can achieve this.

Our projects are often detail oriented with very specific stylistic goals. Jim is a detail oriented team player and contributes his design expertise to each project. For homes that demand the best in function, quality and style, please consider Jim as your first choice.


- Kathleen Reardon / Susannah Devine

Our project is a custom structure in a rural Texas setting with detailed architecture. The home is very modern (yet rustic) and successful aesthetics depended on superbly crafted and integrated cabinetry which Jim Farris cabinets (JFC) pulled off beyond expectation. We were very fortunate he was recommended by our architect to design master closet, 2 baths, kitchen/pantry, guest kitchenette & mud/utility room. A decisive, fair, and capable Jim was consistently ahead of timeline. Straight-up he was the point of light that sustained us during protracted completion period. My husband's father felled and planked walnut lumber in 1980's from which Jim added live-edge walnut features to home. After completion of interior cabinetry he artfully designed and constructed exquisite furniture: dining table, center table and 2 side tables! His superb talent and guidance made the defining difference. Readers need to understand - It doesn't get any better. Thank you Jim for the memories.

- Linda N and Robert M

I built a wooden dining room table with complex inlay top. I worked hard to finish the top, but was not satisfied with the results, and so I asked Jim to make it look the way I wanted it to. The work he and his team can do is incredible. I've seen a number of examples of his work, both large and small jobs. If you have a cabinetry or finishing job you want done right, Jim Farris is the guy!

- Jim Locke

Jim has been building cabinets for us for about 30 years. His workmanship, precision and attention to detail are amazing. His cabinets have stood the test of time and four active kids. We keep coming back to him because no one does it better! We have used him in multiple rooms for several homes.

- M Barnes