I'd recommend you without hesitation. Really first-rate quality and the ability to come up with exceptionally inventive solutions to design problems. Feel free to use me as a reference.

- Mike Spillane

I for one understand and you will come through this. You have a great talent and the people that work for you are exceptional. You may use my name at any time and know that I will vouch for your professionalism, costs that don't exceed the unrealistic and your deliveries. You also may use my e-mail and feel free to bring clients by or have them call me.
I remain your friend!


"All of the work you have done for Kay and me at home and for Skip and me in our business has been excellent.  You have consistently provided wonderful craftsmanship, diligent attention to detail and professional service.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.  I would be pleased to talk to prospective clients or to respond to e-mails."

- Tom Schnitzius

How has Michael's house turned out?  I have not talked with them lately.  We may be doing some more work in Houston.  Wish you were here!  Lot's of work.  My daughter works for a law firm and one of the lawyers goes with a designer from Houston who works in very high end.  That is where you need to be.
I will be in touch.  Best Wishes, You are the best!

- Suzanne Hoff

"I have used the firm Jim Farris Cabinets on four of my home projects over the past 15 years with outstanding results. The quality of work is unsurpassed and the fit and finish of his cabinets is an example of professionalism not often seen in the building trades.”

“… my most recent project encompassed a wide array of design challenges that met and surpassed my expectations.”

“… the job was right the first time!”

“In addition, you will find a courteous staff characterized by onsite personnel that have always treated me and my family with respect. In short, the treatment you receive from Jim is commensurate with the high quality of the custom cabinets delivered. It is a joy to work with Jim Farris and I highly recommend his firm for your building projects in the future. ”

- Bruce G. Garrison